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1.all passengers ________ are expected to fasten the seat belts when the plane takes off or lands.

a.on the board       b.on board

c.on boards                d.on a board

解析:选b。on board=aboard上船/飞机/车等;在车/船/飞机上等。

2.it’s far away from here and it’s certainly not ________walking distance.

a.within           b.at

c.around           d.on

解析:选a。本题考查介词。within walking distance表示走路就可以到。

3.—mom,may i play computer games just for a while?

— ________! dad is writing his paper.

a.help yourself             b.it’s up to you

c.behave yourself           d.go ahead

解析:选c。考查交际用语。behave yourself 好好的,听话,规矩点(对孩子等的用语)。help yourself请随便(吃、用等);it’s up to you由你决定;go ahead行,可以,往下说、问等。

4.the football player had ________gift for football when he was a child. now he is ________second to none in the football field.

a.the;the           b.the;a

c.a;the             d.a;不填

解析:选d。考查冠词。have a gift for对……有天赋;second to none 不比任何人差,首屈一指。

5.the new model of car is so expensive that it is only ________the reach of those with high incomes.

a.beyond            b.at

c.in                 d.within

解析:选d。考查介词。within the reach of……能得到/到达/拿到等。beyond/out of the reach of……得不到/够不到/拿不到等。

6.with so much noise of the traffic, i couldn’t  ________and do my research work.

a.put down              b.settle down

c.break down            d.take down

解析:选b。考查短语辨析。settle down安心做某事。put down 放下,写下;镇压;break down(机器)损坏,破坏;take down记下,记录。

7.—are you worried about the result of the exam?

—only ________.

a.absolutely                 b.approximately

c.slightly                   d.extremely

解析:选c。考查副词辨析。slightly 稍稍,轻微地。由 only 可知答案为slightly。absolutely绝对地,完全地;approximately大约,接近;extremely极其地,非常地。

8.there is no doubt,in my opinion, ________matters is not the speed,but the quality of the product.

a.that             b.which

c.what that         d.that what

解析:选d。考查名词性从句。that 引导的同位语从句说明doubt的内容;在此同位语从句中含有一个主语从句what matters。

9.after two years’ research,we now have a ________ better understanding of the disease.

a.very             b.far

c.fairly            d.quite


10.he came ________where i was hiding and my heart beat faster.

a.more closely to              b.much closer

c.rather closer to               d.quite closely to




(XX届英语周报第2期)martin frobisher, born in yorkshire,went to london as a boy to be educated by a relative. he showed no talent for book learning,so his relative sent him to sea. before reaching manhood, frobisher had been on two voyages to the guinea coast. on the second he was captured and handed over to the portuguese garrisoning(驻守) sao jorge da mina(now elmina, ghana),who allowed him to return to england.

by the 1570s,england had largely abandoned hope of finding a northeast passage to asia, and thoughts turned to the northwest. frobisher worked together with michael lok, a man of some wealth and learning. frobisher’s first voyage, in 1576,took him to frobisher bay in baffin island.

english investors(投资者),including queen elizabeth, poured money into lok’s company of cathay. frobisher sailed again in 1577, this time to ship home what he mistakenly thought was goldbearing minerals.lok still felt hopeful and sent frobisher back in 1578. this time the mariner discovered the hudson strait. he followed the strait for nearly 200 miles, believing it to be a more promising northwest passage than frobisher bay. he brought home more dirt and rocks, but english confidence had gone;lok went to a debtors’ prison and frobisher sought other employment.

frobisher accompanied sir francis drake to the west indies in 1585-1586.when philip ⅱ’s spanish armada(无敌舰队)entered the english channel in 1588, frobisher’s part in the fighting was successful and he received knighthood(爵士爵位).he died of a wound received near brest,where he had been sent to relieve the siege(解除包围).he lived just long enough to be taken back to plymouth.

【解题导语】 本文记叙了英国著名探险家martin frobisher,他发现了加拿大的哈得孙海峡。

1.the underlined word“abandoned”in paragraph 2 can best be replaced by ________.

a.kept alive                   b.given up

c.seen                       d.shared

解析:选b。词义猜测题。根据本句的thoughts turned to the northwest可知,当时英国人基本放弃了东北通道的探寻,把目光投向了西北通道,故选b项。

2.from paragraph 3 we learn that frobisher at first ________.

a.brought gold to england

b.discovered a northeast passage

c.received strong support

d.had been put into prison

解析:选c。细节理解题。根据第三段第一句的including queen elizabeth和poured money 可知,frobisher 当时得到了很大的支持,故选c项。

3.according to the passage, frobisher died in ________

a.frobisher bay               b.the west indies

c.brest                      d.plymouth

解析:选d。细节理解题。根据文章最后一句he lived just long enough to be taken back to plymouth可知,frobisher是被送回普利茅斯以后去世的,故选d。

4.which of the following shows the right order of the events relating to frobisher?

a.he arrived in baffin island.

b.he voyaged to the guinea coast.

c.he went to the west indies.

d.he discovered the hudson strait.

a.b,a,d,c                b.b,c,d,a

c.a,d,c,b                d.a,b,c,d



what would you think if i told you i could eat 40 percent more food than other people—eating boxes of ice cream, bowls of noodles and plates of meat—all while losing weight?

you might hate me, thinking i have one of those annoyingly good metabolisms(新陈代谢)that just burn up fat the instant it enters my body. you might wonder if i have an intestinal(肠的)worm, or perhaps an eating disorder. or maybe you’d just shrug your shoulders and figure i have a rich fantasy life.

you’d be wrong.

for my body to finish such a surprising task, i would have to be a mouse. not just any mouse, but one lucky enough to be involved in a new study at baylor college of medicine in houston.

after identifying an enzyme(酶)that allows fat to be stored in the body, scientists fed mice without those enzymes, and found those mice were able to consume far more food than other mice—and still weigh 10 to 15 percent less.

best of all, the mice that had no enzymes were in very good health, producing baby mice with no problem and generally acting like any other mouse. that’s great news for obesity researchers, who think that scientists may figure out a way to prevent the fatmetabolizing(脂肪代谢)enzyme in humans and control weight gain. and such a pill would be very exciting for many struggling to get rid of dangerous extra pounds.

but don’t start planning any big dinner just yet: at this point, of course, any pill for humans is but a twinkle(闪烁) in the eye of every medicine company’s ceo. more tests are to be made, and eventually humans will be introduced in the test.

but for now,unfortunately,control in diet is still the key.

【解题导语】 想品尝美味又害怕体重增加?休斯敦贝勒医学院的一项实验将会帮你消除这个顾虑。

5.what does “such a surprising task”in paragraph 4 refer to?

a.eating a lot of food while losing weight.

b.burning up fat very quickly.

c.controlling the diet.

d.having a rich fantasy life.


6.why did the author say he / she had to be a mouse in paragraph 4?

a.because a mouse can lose weight no matter how much it eats.

b.because the weightlosing tests were made on the mouse.

c.because the mouse has a very good metabolism.

d.because the author wants to try the food without the enzyme.


7.in the experiment, the mice without those enzymes ________.

a.were in good condition

b.put on weight

c.became weak

d.could not have baby mice


8.what does the author want to show through the last two paragraphs?

a.you can be free of guilt when having big dinners.

b.scientists cannot find the key to identifying the enzyme.

c.don’t overeat before the test is made on humans.

d.it is unnecessary to control weight at present.



(XX年福建检测c)your home is a reflection of you...

we understand you want windows and doors that suit the look of your home as well as improve its energy efficiency(效率).

at award windows & doors we believe in building what you want rather than trying to persuade you to want what we have already built.

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it is what’s inside your home that matters

that’s why we make windows that count. our energy efficient windows will provide the best comfort for your family and will save money on your energy bills all the year round. so you can concentrate on giving your family the things that matter most.

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【解题导语】 文章向我们介绍了两家以建造节能窗户为主要特色的公司及其联系方式。

9.according to the ads, the two companies are both expert at______.

a.making windows and doors that suit the look of your home

b.persuading people to want what have already been built

c.building windows that help save your energy costs

d.building your doors completely to your taste


10.the two ads are most probably about ________.

a.managing money matters

b.environmental protection

c.architecture styles

d.home improvement & design


11.if you prefer comfort as well as energy efficiency, you can_____.

a.call (403)982-1107 or(403)720-8055

b.call (403) 720-8055 or visit www.

c.call at all weather windows or award windows & doors

d.visit renovations showroom or award windows & doors

解析:选b。细节理解题。题干的关键词是comfort和energy efficiency,可知第二个广告能满足这些要求,b项的两种联系方式正是第二个广告的联系方式



ⅰ. 单词拼写

1. the  ________(距离)between the two villages is two kilometers.


2. she gives the  ________(印象)of being older than she really is.


3. the man has  ________(宽阔的)shoulders and looks handsome.


4. i’ll go ________(市区)tomorrow. do you want to go with me?


5. they arrived in new york at ________(黎明)the next day.


ⅱ. 选词填空

1. ten years ago, she went to canada and had ________there ever since.

答案:settled down

2. it’s dangerous placing the medicine ________the children.

答案:within the reach of

3.  ________take the aeroplane,they decided to drive to toronto.

答案:rather than

4. she didn’t speak a word to me ________back home.

答案:all the way

5. you will never know what she  ____________to educate her children.

答案:went through

ⅲ. 易错模块

1. he was ________a teacher.  he did what he could to help any student in trouble.

a. more than           b. no more

c. not more            d. more

解析:选a。more than 在此意为“不仅仅”。句意:他不仅仅是一个教师,他还尽其所能帮助有困难的学生。

2. most people would agree that nuclear science should be developed to benefit the human beings ________harm them.

a. more than           b. rather than

c. other than           d. better than

解析:选b。句意:绝大多数人同意核科技发展应该造福人类而非危害人类。只有rather than 表示“而不是,而非”之意。

3. in fact, peter would rather have left for shanghai than______in new york.

a. to stay          b. stayed

c. staying         d. stay

解析:选b。考查would rather do. . . than do的结构。本题易错选d。本题实际结构为“would rather have done than(have) done”,故应选(have) stayed。

4. i’m ________ willing to take you and your friends to the railway station in my car.

a. more than             b. more and more

c. more or less           d. no more than

解析:选a。句意:我非常愿意用我的车送你和你的朋友们去火车站。more than 在此相当于副词,意思是“非常,很”,可修饰形容词、副词、动词,充当状语。

5. it is the prevention of disease ________ the successful treatment that has led to the rapid increase of the world’s population.

a. less than           b. rather than

c. more than          d. better than

解析:选b。句意:导致人口快速增长的是疾病的预防而不是成功的治疗。rather than在此表示“而不是”。

ⅳ. 语法专练


1. tomorrow is tom’s birthday.  have you got any idea ________ the party is to be held?

a. what           b. which

c. that            d. where


2. (XX年江苏常州教学质量调研)there is a new problem involved in the popularity of private cars ________road conditions need ________.

a. that; to be improved            b. which; to be improved

c. where;improving             d. when;improving

解析:选a。第一空处为that引导的同位语从句;need后面要接to be done或doing表示被动。因此a项正确。

3. mr.  frank asked me a question ________i could go with him to ________he called the treasure house the next week.

a. that;which           b. whether;that

c. whether;what         d. that;where


4. (XX年南京金陵中学月考)a warm thought suddenly came to me ________i might use the pocket money to buy some flowers for my mother’s birthday.

a. if            b. when

c. that          d. which

解析:选c。考查从句的连接词。a warm thought和后面的i might use the pocket money to buy some flowers for my mother’s birthday 是同位语关系,且从句不缺成分,故用that。

5. a plan has been put forward ________more graduates should go to work in the country this year.

a. when           b. that

c. whether         d. how

解析:选b。考查同位语从句。句意:一个计划已经被提出,让更多的毕业生到农村工作。从空格处到句末是同位语从句,用来解释说明a plan 的具体内容




1.taking regular exercise and having a healthy ________(饮食)are good for your health.


2.we aim to offer good service to all our ________(顾客).


3.the water in some western parts is so ________(有限的)that people only get three cups of water every day.


4.you should  ________(权衡)the advantages against the disadvantages before you give up your present job.


5.as is known,one of the many ________(好处)of adventure travel is teaching the children how to cope with the unexpected.


6.she usually ________(结合)creative imagination with intelligence to create some wonders.



1. ________two exams to worry about,i have to work really hard this weekend.

a.with             b.besides

c.as for            d.because of

解析:选a。前句说明主语i在本周末必须努力学习的原因,相当于because i have two exams to worry about,故可用“with+复合宾语”结构。besides“还有”,其后接名词、代词作宾语;as for“关于,就……而言”;because of“因为”。它们都不能与句子结构搭配。

2.john received an invitation to dinner,and with his work ________,he gladly accepted it.

a.finished                 b.finishing

c.having finished           d.was finished


3.i couldn’t do my homework with all those noise ________.

a.going on         b.goes on

c.went on          d.to go on

解析:选a。本题考查“with+宾语+补语”结构作伴随状语。空格处为补语成分,故排除b、c选项。虽然a、d两项都可以作补语,但两者所表示的时间不同,a项中的going on表示正在进行,而d项中to go on表示将来的动作,又因为是作伴随状语,故a项正确。

4.(XX年高考福建卷)you have no idea how she finished the relay race ________her foot wounded so much.

a.for          b.when

c.with         d.while

解析:选c。句意:你根本就无法体会,在脚伤得那么厉害的情况下她是怎样完成接力比赛的。这里是一个with+n./pron.+done/adj.的复合结构。要注意her foot wounded so much不是一个完整句子,所以不能用连词when,while,for引导。

5.(XX年高考上海卷)if there’s a lot of work ________,i’m happy to just keep on until it is finished.

a.to do              b.to be doing

c.done              d.doing

解析:选a。句意:如果有很多工作要做的话,我会很高兴能留下来直到工作结束。to do可用来作a lot of work的定语,表将来。


1.(XX年高考福建卷)—bruce,i really appreciate your handwriting.

— ________.

a.i practise every day

b.thank you very much

c.no,i don’t think so

d.well,it’s not good enough


2.(XX年高考福建卷)—your mum is very kind.

—yeah. my mum is pretty considerate,you know what______,she always arranges everything around me.

a.she means               b.you mean

c.i mean                  d.we mean

解析:选c。句意:—你妈妈真好。—是的。我妈妈对人体贴入微。我想你明白我的意思—她总是把我身边所有的事情安排得很妥当。英语中,当说话者认为对方明白自己时,可以说“you know what i mean.”

3.(XX年高考浙江卷)—hey, you haven’t been acting like yourself.everything ok?

— ________.

a.i’m fine,thanks            b.sure,it is

c.that’s good                d.it’s ok


4.(XX年高考宁夏•海南,全国卷ⅰ)—it looks heavy. can i give you a hand?

— ________.

a.no,thanks                 b.yes,my pleasure

c.no,never mind             d.yes,i do

解析:选a。句意:—它看起来很重。需要我帮忙吗?—不用,谢谢了。“can i give you a hand?”常用来表示提供帮助,回答时,应从礼貌出发,在拒绝的同时还应对对方的好意表示感谢,因此选a。当对方为你的帮忙表示感谢时,你需回答my pleasure(别客气),而b项my pleasure前又含yes,没有这种形式;c项用来回答别人道歉或安慰别人;d项用于回答喜不喜欢,做不做某事。如:—do you like swimming?—yes,i do.



1.although this ________sound like a simple task,great care is needed.

a.must          b.may

c.shall          d.should


2.—what do you think we can do for our aged parents?

—you ________do anything except to be with them and be yourself.

a.don’t have to         b.oughtn’t to

c.mustn’t              d.can’t

解析:选a。本题考查情态动词的常见用法。句意:—你认为我们可以为年迈的父母做些什么事呢?—你不必做任何事情,只要能真心地陪伴他们(他们就很满足了)。don’t have to=needn’t 不必;oughtn’t to不应该;mustn’t不可以,禁止;can’t不能。

3.—guess what!i have got a for my term paper.

—great!you ________read widely and put a lot of work into it.

a.must                b.should

c.must have            d.should have

解析:选c。句意:—猜猜有什么好消息!我的学期论文得了a。—真棒!你一定是博览群书并在此文上投入了很大精力。情态动词的用法是历年高考考点,从对话中可以看出此处应该是对过去动作的推测,should或must加动词原形表示对现在或将来的推测,应被排除;should have done(过去本应该做而未做某事)表虚拟或吃惊语气,与语境不符,也被排除;must have done表示对过去发生事情的肯定推测,符合题意,故选c。

4.(XX年山西大同学情调研)—i think i’ll give bob a ring.

—you ________.you haven’t been in touch with him for a long time.

a.should            b.will

c.may              d.have to


5.—listen!someone is knocking at the door.

—it ________be mary;she has just left for  guangzhou.

a.mustn’t           b.can’t

c.needn’t           d.may not

解析:选b。考查情态动词。由she has just left for guangzhou可知,此处表示“不可能是mary”,只能用can’t。must 表示推测,通常用于肯定句,意为“一定,准是”;needn’t表示“不需要,没有必要”;may not表示推测,意为“或许不是”



ⅰ. 单项填空

1. do you think it is ________good manners to hear others’ conversations in  ________curious manner?

a. the;a         b. /;/

c. /;a                    d. the;the

解析:选c。good manners“礼貌”前不加冠词,而in a . . .  manner 为固定搭配,所以选c。

2. -could i ask you a rather personal question?

-sure, ________.

a. pardon me                 b. go ahead

c. good idea                d. forget it

解析:选b。句意:“我可以问你一个私人问题吗?”“当然可以,说吧。”pardon me请再说一遍;go ahead干吧,说吧,用吧;good idea好主意;forget it没关系,不必在意;(表示不想重复说过的话)别提它了;住嘴。

3. jim’s father didn’t  ________him to join the school football team,which made him angry.

a. let                       b. promise

c. permit                    d. hope

解析:选c。let sb. do sth. ;hope 无此结构;promise sb. to do sth. 意为主语答应要干某事,不符合句意。

4. —i hear johnson was badly injured in the accident.

— ________,let’s go and see him.

a. if not                    b. if so

c. if necessary               d. if possible

解析:选b。if not 如果不的话;if so如果那样;if necessary 如果有必要;if possible 如果有可能。根据语境,选择b。

5. the poor young man is ready to accept ________ help he can get.

a. whichever               b. however

c. whatever                d. whenever


6. i have no ________with people who are always complaining of their misfortunes.

a. devotion          b. belief

c. patience          d. balance


7. when he looked up, he suddenly found himself ________ by a group of teenagers, ________looked at him anxiously.

a. to be surrounded;which

b. surrounded;who

c. be surrounded;who

d. having been surrounded;which

解析:选b。考查非谓语动词和定语从句。“发现自己被一群十几岁的孩子包围了。”用过去分词作宾语补足语表示被动,第二处用who 引导定语从句,修饰teenagers。

8. —does it rain a lot in this area?

— ________,it hardly ever rains;the climate is like that of a desert.

a. what’s more               b. in other words

c. on the contrary               d. as a result

解析:选c。on the contrary意为“相反地”。

9. it’s wise of you to ________your father’s advice when you come to any difficulty.

a. ask                b. seek

c. try                 d. attempt

解析:选b。seek one’s advice 意为“征求某人的意见”。a应为ask for one’s advice,c、d构不成有意义的词组。

10. when the man was trying to break into the bank,he was caught by the police ________.

a. in a spot                  b. on the spot

c. off the spot                d. to the spot

解析:选b。本题考查spot 短语的用法。句意:当那个人试图闯入银行时,他被警察当场抓获了。on the spot 在现场,当场,与本句的语境一致;in a spot陷入困境;off the spot 不准确,离题;而d项是一个不存在的结构。

ⅱ. 阅读理解


(XX届英语周报第20期)it was a half-hour before midnight on december 24th.  i was a ticket counter supervisor(主管) for a major airline and was looking forward to the end of my shift(班)at stapleton international airport in denver.  my wife was waiting up for me so we could exchange gifts.

a very worried gentleman approached me.  he asked how he could get home to cheyenne, wyoming.  he had just arrived from philadelphia and missed his connecting flight.  i pointed him to the ground transportation area.  there he could rent a car.  and then i called my wife to let her know i would be home shortly.

about fifteen minutes later, the gentleman returned and informed me that all the buses were full and there were no cars available.  i told him he had to stay for a night.  hearing that, he burst into tears.

he explained that his name was tom, and his son was seriously ill and was not expected to live another year.  he expected that this would likely be the last christmas with his son.

i told tom to collect his luggage and wait for me.  i called my wife kathy and told her not to wait up for me.  i was driving to cheyenne.  we arrived in cheyenne around 2∶30 a. m. .

kathy was waiting up for me when i got home.  we traded gifts and then our conversation concerned tom.  for kathy and me, there was no question that driving tom to cheyenne was the only option.

a couple of days later, i received a christmas card with a picture of tom and his family.  in it, tom thanked me for the special gift he had received that holiday season, but i knew the best gift was mine.

【解题导语】 “我”帮助一位错过转接飞机的父亲圆了和患重病的儿子一起过圣诞节的愿望,妻子为“我”感到欣慰。

1. how long was the journey from denver to cheyenne?

a. half an hour’s drive.

b. two and a half hours’ drive.

c. two hours and fortyfive minutes’ drive.

d. three hours’ drive


2. when the author met tom the first time, ________.

a. he planned to drive tom back home

b. he was about to go home

c. he was considering buying his wife a gift

d. he wanted to help tom board the plane

解析:选b。细节理解题。由第一、二段内容可知,作者的轮班马上结束了,盼望着下班以后回家和妻子交换圣诞礼物,正在这时tom 走了过来。

3. kathy thought that ________.

a. her husband was to blame for coming home late

b. driving tom home was extremely tiring

c. it was kind of her husband to have driven tom home

d. her husband should give tom a christmas gift

解析:选c。细节理解题。由倒数第二段中的for kathy and me, there was no question that driving tom to cheyenne was the only option. 可知,妻子认为丈夫做得对。


simply sitting and watching birds is a popular hobby around the world. it’s fun and relaxing at the same time.

many people quite enjoy just watching the birds in their garden, yard, trees and bushes from their front window. and it’s even better to actually go out into the wild and watch the birds in their own natural habitats.

natural habitat of course usually means going into the woods, or to remote areas.  so before going on a bird watching outing, be sure you’ve prepared a little.  first and foremost, be sure you’re wearing the appropriate clothes for both the location you’ll be visiting, and the climate that area is currently experiencing.

if you live in a warm desert area,for instance,and you plan to go up a mountain for a day of bird watching, you’ll want to first find out if there’s any snow on the mountain,or whether it’s cold during the daylight hours.

you’ll of course also want to be sure you have some food or snacks, and plenty of water.

besides, binoculars are almost a requirement for bird watching too.  they allow you to get a closeup view of any birds,nests,and chicks.  many bird lovers also enjoy having a pen or pencil, and a notebook on  hand so they can take notes about the birds they’ve seen,or sketch them as they’re watching.

and of course if you like pictures,you’ll want to bring along a camera.

last but not least, it would be helpful to have some sort of bird identification reference available.  whether you can take it with you into the woods,or you have it hanging at home,it is always quite useful in the long term.

【解题导语】 你喜欢到野外观鸟吗?观鸟之前你要做好充分的准备!

4. while watching birds in their natural habitats, you should do the following except ________.

a. make sure you’ve got enough food

b. bring enough water

c. wear suitable clothes

d. always take the bird identification reference with you


5. the underlined part“binoculars”in the sixth paragraph probably refers to ________.

a. a pair of special glasses      b. foods

c. tools for catching birds      d. high spirits

解析:选a。词义猜测题。由后文中的they allow you to get a closeup view of any birds,nests,and chicks.  可以推断,binoculars指的是一种可以让人近距离观察鸟的仪器,所以选a。

6. which of the following is true according to the passage?

a. many birds like to stay on the mountains when it snows.

b. many people find that watching birds in the yard is boring.

c. using cameras while watching birds will scare birds away.

d. a bird watching outing is different from watching birds from the window.


7. what’s the best title for the passage?

a. wild bird watching tips

b. a popular hobby

c. watching birds in the garden

d. natural habitat



(XX年南昌调研)many people wonder why the united states has been a hot spot for chinese students for years, despite its extremely strict visa policy.  on the other hand, china’s rise as an economic powerhouse is resulting in a rapid expansion of its higher education system,making it the fastergrowing destination for american foreign exchange students.

recently,according to a study by the institute of international education, a research organization based in new york, the number of american students seeking higher education in china has never been greater, increasing by 90 percent from to .  alan goodman,president of the institute,believes that the_phenomenon lies in the pace of change in china, which is spending billions of dollars to expand and transform its higher educational facilities into worldclass institutions.

“china is a job market,”said professor chou,professor of east asian studies at princeton university. “twenty years ago,only those interested in chinese literature would study the chinese language.  now all professors have opened up. ”

china now ranks 9th as a host destination for american students, advancing from the no. 12 spot it held a year earlier.  the study revealed that britain continues to be the leading destination,attracting 16. 8 percent of all american students who study abroad.  on the other hand, in the - academic year, china sent more than 62,000 students to the united states, nearly 60 percent more than a decade earlier.  according to the study, the chinese now make up 11 percent of foreign students in the united states, the secondlargest group behind students from india.

8. from the first paragraph, we know that for many years chinese students want to go to the us but ________ .

a. chinese government refuses to give a visa

b. it is extremely difficult to get a visa

c. it results in a rapid expansion

d. china becomes a fastgrowing country


9. according to the text,“the phenomenon”in the second paragraph refers to ________.

a. more american students’ seeking higher education in china

b. the pace of change in china during the past few years

c. founding a research organization based in new york

d. expending and transforming its higher educational facilities

解析:选a。词义猜测题。根据该词组所在的语境可知,此处的the phenomenon 指的是上文提到的越来越多的美国学生愿意到中国留学这一现象。

10. ten years ago,china sent about ________students to the united states.

a. 62,000                    b. 55,000

c. 38,750                    d. 6,820

解析:选c。数字计算题。根据最后一段倒数第二句中的数字信息计算可得:6÷1. 6=38750。

11. what is the main idea of this text?

a. american students are looking for destinations.

b. american students are interested in chinese culture.

c. britain continues to be the leading destination.

d. china grows as a study hot spot for us students.


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